c2c Contemporary Art 3201 Dallas Parkway Suite 200 #210 Frisco TX 75034 By appointment only.

My Artist Statement

My art is inspired by my dreams and the world that my subconscious picks up around me.  I have had vividly pigmented dreams since I was very small.  I enjoy making art that draws viewers into my dreams and subconscious world.  But ultimately my art is for myself, to identify with hidden qualities of my character, to better understand my reality and to express my interpretation of my dream world.  My work consist of subconscious visions, glimpses and impressions from my dreams and the world around me that influences my dreams.  I try to create a balance between my experiences and my materials, testing and exploring different media to capture the visual glimpses I receive from my subconscious, therefore texture and color are very important in my work.  I accomplish this by using different texturizing media mixed with acrylic, oils and inks applied in a myriad of ways.
Currently artist in residence at Serendipity Labs Hall Park Frisco TX